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Special Notice

Due to the temporary closure of the Chapelhow Legion the August 2017 monthly pin club meeting has been canceled.




Coming Events


August 2017 CIPC Pin Club Meeting

Due to the temporary closure of the Chapelhow Legion the August 2017 CIPC Pin Club meeting has been canceled. The 2017 Festival of Pins will proceed at the Legion hall as originally planned.


September 2017 CIPC Pin Club Meeting

The September 2017 CIPC pin club meeting will take place on Sunday September17 from 1 pm to 3 pm at the Chapelhow Legion hall.  Pin trading, buying, and selling takes place at each monthly club meetings. Bring your pins for trade or sale or bring along your prized collection to show and discuss with veteran collectors. Admission is free. Children are welcome.

The Legion has a food donation box for the Veterans Food Bank. Veterans are in need of help all year. We appreciate if you could bring an item for the Veterans food bank whenever you attend a club meeting.

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2017 27th Annual Festival of Pins

The 2017 Calgary International Pin Club Festival of Pins will take place on Saturday August 26 and Sunday August 27 at the Chapelhow Legion hall. The show hours are 9am to 5pm daily. The 2017 Festival of pins is the 27th annual pin festival.

The Festival of Pins is all about pins. It's a gathering for pin displays, pin trading, pin buying, pin selling, and socializing about the history and hobby of labpel pin collecting. This two day festival hosted by the Calgary International Pin Club will bring together a large variety of pin collectors from Canada and the US. Occassionally a pin collector from outside of North America will show up. You will see a wide assortment of pins including Olympics, sports, media, country, state/province, city, animals, cartoons, brewery just to name a few. Name the subject and there's someone collecting pns for it.

Why not display your special collection as free display space will be available. Reserve early as space is limited.


If you wish to sell pins, reserve a table for a nominal fee. Pin sellkng to the public is restricted to table vendors. The public can sell to the vendors


Enjoy the fun of trading your spare pins with fellow collectors, obtaining information on your collection, or discovering that rare pin that might surface at the Festival of Pins.

Additional activities include a daily Silent Auction, multiple 50/50 draws, multple door prizes and draws for special items. The Legion offers food concession. In conjuction Canada's 150th anniversary the pin festival's annual competition for My Favorite pin will have a Canada theme. Only pins saying Canada or having a Canadian flag on the pin will be eligibe for entry into the My Favourite Canada Pin competition. For more information see the My Favorite Pin write up below.

Table rentals are $65.00 for 8 foot and $55.00 for 6 foot. A paid club membership takes $20.00 off the table rental. For a 2017 Pin Festival brochure, containing addtional information and the table rental application please use the Contact Us link on this website so that we can mail you a brochure. Note that if you have rented a table at festivals in the recent past that you are automatically on a list to receive the 2017 Festival of Pins brochure. You will receive this in the mail, presuming that your mailing information is current with the club. 2017 festival of Pin brochures have been mailed in early June 2017.


2017 Festival of Pins My Favourite Pin Competition

My Favourite Canada Pin

 The theme for the 2017 Festival of Pins My Favorite Pin Competition is a competition for My Favourite Canada pin. The CIPC Festival Committee will award as a prize, a collection of the 2017 CIPC Pin Festival pins. The prize includes the coloured 2017 festival pin, the silver 2017 festival volunteer pin, and the gold 2017 festival committee pin.

Canada Pin Rules

 Enter a pin which has the word Canada or a Canadian flag on the front of the pin.

  • The pin can represent any subject matter and the Canada element will be the primary determination for entry eligibility
  • The pin must have the word Canada or the Canadian flag on the front of the pin
  • A pin with only Made In Canada on the back and no flag or word Canada on the front is ineligible for entry
  • If there is some question regarding whether or not the pin is eligible then the CIPC Festival Committee members will meet and decide
  • Competition entries close at 4pm Saturday
  • Voting by ballot for the My Favorite Canada pin will commence at noon on Saturday and close at 3 pm Sunday so enter early as voting begins early
  • One voting ballot per person
  • The pin with the most votes will be awarded the winner of the My Favorite Canada pin competition for the 2017 CIPC Pin Festival
  • In the event of a ballot tie, the 2017 Festival Committee members will cast the deciding vote
  • Pin entries will be assigned a number and the name of the entrant will not be available to voters, including Festival Committee members who might have to cast a tie breaking vote
  • If a Puzzle pin entry by a Festival Committee member is part of the ballot tie, that Festival Committee member will not be entitled to a deciding vote
  • No hat badges, medals, or buttons are allowed. Lapel pin are pins, which can typically be worn on a lapel.
  • The Canada pin entry must be brought to the festival and placed into the competition display, pictures of the pin are not eligible for entry
  • While every effort is taken in the care and safe keeping of all entries the CIPC can assume no liability, monetary or otherwise for pins entered into the My Favourite pin competition

 May the pin be with you!



September 2017 Winnipeg Pin Club Meeting

The September 2017 Winnipeg Pin Club meeting will be held on the evening of Monday September 11 2017 at 6:00 PM. Winnipeg pin club meetings take place at the Norwood Legion branch located at 134 Marion Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Giuests are welcome. There will be door prizes, pin draw, attendance draw, and a 50/50 draw. For more information or to contact the Winnipeg Pin Club you can find the link in Other Pin Links at the top of the page 


July 2017 Pacific Pin Club Meeting

The next Vancouver Pacific Pin Club meeting is on Suday July 30 2017 from 9:00 am to 12:30: pm at the Capital Hill Community Hall, 361 South Howard Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia. For more information or to contact the Pacific Pin Club you can find the link in Other Pin Links at the top of the page.


October 2017 Foothills Lions Pin & Collectors Club Collector Fest

The Foothils Lions Pin & Collectors Club would like to welcome you to a day of trading Pins, Cards, and other Collectables and making friends. Everyone is welcome kids - adults. It does not matter if yoionu have 1 item and are learning how to trade/collect or 100 items to trade. Come on out! Maybe start a new collection.

Admission is FREE. FREE starter kits for the first 25 KIDS. FREE prizes for kids that come in their local team uniforms! Silent Auction and Games!

Any donation of pins, cards, collectables, non perishables foods, cash, etc would be greatly appreciated. So why not clean out the cupboards, drawers, boxes, etc. and come on out to have some fun and maybe find that long lost treasure.

Tables are availabe for a small fee if you wish to show your pins, cards or collectables, or your organization.

Please contact for any inquiries about the event 

Lion Tim - Foothills Lions Pin & Collectors club -




Pin Collecting Articles

Are you an avid collector of pins for a particular subject matter? The club is seeking collectors to write articles regarding their pin collecting hobby. How did you get started? What are the elements of your collection? Where do you find pins that fit into your collection? We'd love to share your story with fellow collectors. You may discover contacts that help you find that elusive pin for your collection. Use the Contact Us menu at the top to contact us by sending an email or document detailing your story.


What's New In Pins

2016 Harvey The Hound Zamboni Pin

JF Sports Canada has issued a 30 pin set of NHL team Zamboni pins. The pins feature team mascots riding a Zamboni. For teams without a mascot use a cheer leader. The Calgary Flames pin features Harvey the Hound riding the Zamboni. The pin can be purchased at any Flames Fanattic store. If you're interested in seeing or purchasing the entire set visit Bill's pin booth at the Crossroads Market. Bill has all 30 team pins available. A picture of the pin can be seen below.


2016 New CFL Logo Pin

The CFL has issued a new CFL logo pin for 2016. The pib can be purchased by visiting Bill's pin booth at the Crossroads Market. A picure of the pin can be seen below.


2016 Calgary International Pin Club Membership Pin

Join the Calgary International Pin Club and receive this years member pin. A picture of the pin can be seen below.


2015 Calgary Flames Johnny Gaudreau Jersey Pin

Are you an�Calgary Flames�pin collector? The Calgary Flames have released a new�Johnny Gaudreau Jersey�pin. The pin is made by JF Sports and is available at all Flames Fanattic Stores. A picture of the pin can be seen below.


2015 Winnipeg Pin Club Endangered Species 10�Pin Set

The Winnipeg Pin Club is releasing a set of 10 pins for endangered species. The pins are priced at $5.00 each with shipping of $3.00 for Canada, $4.00 for US and $7.00 international. Shipping will be combined on orders of more than one pin. Some proceeds of the pin sales are going to the wildlife rescue facility in Manitoba. An Endangered Species Wildlife Rescue Initiate write up along with the artwork for all 10 pins is contained in the button on the left frame of this Home page.To order pins contact Ron Boily, President Winnipeg Pin Club, at or visit the Winnipeg Pin Club website at

Several pictures of the pins can be seen below.

Pin 1 - Polar Bear Mother with cub

Pin 2 - Snow Leopard Mother with cub

Pin 3 - Asian Lioness with two cubs

Pin 4 - Giant Panda Bear Mother with two cubs

Pin 5 - Siberian Tigress with two cubs

Pin 6 - Asian Elephant Mother with baby

Pin 7 - Chimpanzee Mother with baby

Pin 8 - Greay Wolf Mother with cub

Pin 9 - Cheetah Mother with cub

Pin 10 - Mountain Gorilla Mother with baby


2015 Edmonton Eskimos Grey Cup Championship Pin

The Edmonton Eskimos have released a 2015 Edmonton Eskimos Grey Cup Championship Pin. It is available through the Edmonton Eskimos fan store in Edmonton. A picture of the pi can be seen below






New Pins

Do you know of new pins available for collectors? Use the Contact Us menu to tell us about it. We'll make this information available on our web site.


Pin Trading at Community Events

Have you ever thought about having pin trading at a local community event? The CIPC has the resources to help organize a pin trading event. Club members are always happuy to get out to communicty events and carry on the pin collecting and trading culture. Conact us using the Contact�Us menu at the top to get us involved with your community event.