The Calgary International Pin Club (CIPC) is a non profit organization registered in Albera which was organized by a number of pin traders who had a heck of a lot of fun during the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988. They liked what they were doing, and wanted to utilize the newly developed pin trading culture to let others know the value and fun that a club may represent. They also wanted to continue developing and improving their own personal collections, which included many different types of pins.

Throughout the summer and fall of 1988 a number of pin traders got together to discuss the formation of a pin club. Key members of these discussion, usually held in various cafes, offices, or homes were: Ross Baxter, Tom Gorkoff, John Howard, Jim McKinley, Ken Roman, Wayne Ronald, Pepe Vargas, and Jerry Vigon.

The club started with a bang with 150 paid memberships in 1989. The first executive consisted of President - Tom Gorkoff, Vice-President - John Howard, Secretary - Ken Roman, Treasurer - Jim McKinley, Director Public Relations - Jerry Vigon, Director Hall and Concession - Wayne Ronald, and Director Ross Baxter. The club was incorporated as a non profit club under the Alberta Societies Act in October of 1990. The first Festival of Pins was held in 1991. The club provides a monthly venue for members and the general public to meet and provides an annual donation of food and cash to the Veterans Food Bank in conjuction with the annual Christmas meeting in December as a major fund raiser.

We are a number of individuals from Calgary and other Canadian and American communities with a common desire and respect for the hobby of collecting lapel pins. We are interested in furthering the knowledge and culture of pin collecting within our club and throughout the commmunity. We desire to act as 'visible partners' in the pin collecting eperience, to make pin collecting a truly fun experience for all ages and participants.